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Manresa now in stock


At Chefs Warehouse the arrival of new cook books is always welcomed with great joy and excitement. Especially when it is something special like Manresa – An edible reflection by David Kinch. R625. This is what people have had to say about the book:

“In this age of just-add-water celebrity chefs, David Kinch has never sought the spotlight, but acclaim has rightly found him anyway. This wonderful book is a window into why. Kinch fills its pages with the same qualities that infuse his restaurant, revealing the dedication, creativity, and refreshing humility that underpin everything he does.” —Thomas Keller, Chef and owner, The French Laundry

“David Kinch’s writing isn’t simply about cooking, rather it’s a life philosophy. Without a doubt, Manresa is one of the greatest restaurants in the world.” —Ferran Adrià “I love the sweet craziness of this great roaster and saucier! Vegetable-based cuisine has honed and sharpened his senses, making this big-hearted boy a veritable couturier of vegetable material. David Kinch has the passion of the seasons; he understands that the most beautiful cookbook has been written by nature and has thus entrusted his creativity to what the land and sea provide.” —Alain Passard, Chef and owner, l’arpège

Manresa embodies an ideal for all restaurateurs—the natural and delicate expression of its cuisine perfectly reflects David’s personality. Enormous passion can be felt in the aesthetics of his food. There are many chefs in this world, yet David Kinch is one of the few who is trying to open a new gate. This book contains the key.” —Yoshihiro Murata, Chef and owner, Kikunoi Honten, Kikunoi Akasaka, and Kikunoi Roan.

The long-awaited cookbook by one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s star chefs, David Kinch, who has revolutionized restaurant culture with his take on the farm-to-table ethic and focus on the terroir of the Northern California coast. Come by our new venue at 92 Bree Street if you would like to take a look at this beautiful book.

We have opened at 92 Bree Street

After much planning and then packing and then more planning, we have finally opened at 92 Bree Street.

Many people will know the venue as the old Caveau site.

With a new venue and a new take on food, we now serve lunch and at the moment a Tapas based dinner menu, we are excited to take Chefs Warehouse to the next level. Coming soon is our street food take away site. Located in the old cellar used by Caveau, we will be serving Asian and Middle eastern inspired street food dishes to take away.

Otherwise, everything else is the ‘same’. Our email addresses, telephone number and all the great products we have sold over the last 4 years is still there, just in a new and more compact space.

Lunch is served from 12 to 3pm and Tapas from 3 to 8pm. We have a selection of wines and beers and a small selection of spirits.

We will post more news as we go ahead, and also news regarding our cooking classes.

Keep posted, and come pop in to say hi.


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This is our way of helping to make your Christmas, and any other lunch or dinner you may have over the festive season, that much easier. To ease the process, please place any orders before Friday 13th December.

There are other food items available, so come pop in and have a look.

Duck Confit (Pack of 4 Legs) R140.00

Duck Rillette (Includes Parfait Jar) 150g R95.00

Pork Belly Confit R260.00 p/kg

Duck Sausage R240.00 p/kg

Potatoes in Duck Fat 500g R60.00

Veal Stock 1.5l R140.00

Duck Stock 1l R140.00

Chicken Stock 1l R65.00

Asian Style Duck Broth 1l R160.00

Gammon Glaze R45.00

Rabbit Confit (Pack of 4 Legs) R160.00

Christmas Pudding (Includes Pudding Bowl) R160.00

Season to Taste R450.00

Lessons with Liam R350.00

Combo R700.00



D.O.M.: Rediscovering Brazilian Ingredients is an exclusive look at one of the world’s most exciting chefs, his unique relationship with the produce of his native Brazil and the food he creates from it.

Recently voted as number 4 in the San Pellegrino 50 Best Restaurant Awards, Alex Atala’s restaurant D.O.M has built its unique style of cuisine on the discovery and exploration of Brazilian ingredients combined with a commitment to finding sustainable solutions to sourcing them to the benefit of the Amazon and its people.

A former punk DJ who was classically trained as a chef in Europe, Atala refuses to import ingredients such as caviar, truffles and fois gras, staples in many high-end restaurant kitchens, into Brazil and instead scours the Amazon for indigenous produce to fuse with classical techniques in his cooking. He then works with the Amazon’s native communities and small-scale producers to extend the availability of these native products around Brazil.

This commitment to not only producing delicious food, but also using his kitchen as a tool for social responsibility and conservation has led to the introduction of many new and unknown ingredients onto his menu, such as a new variety of palm heart that can be farmed and harvested sustainably; the first of its kind.

This book will tell the individual stories of 65 of the unique ingredients that are used in the kitchens at D.O.M. and Alex’s relationship with them. Each ingredient will be accompanied by a recipe for one of the dishes that it is utilized in and a beautiful image of both the ingredient and the finished dish.

The fascinating texts, stunning photographs and inspiring recipes will combine to create a beautiful cookbook that is fully accessible to the general reader.