Author: Lourens Nel

Freshly Shucked Oysters with Bloody Mary Jelly

Freshly Shucked Oysters with Bloody Mary Jelly Serves 4 A nice entrée for a Sunday brunch, serve 3 oysters per person. The jelly is prepared in the same way as tomato consommé (basic recipe 13) but with the addition of different ingredients and flavourings.  Prepare the jelly in advance and open the oysters at the […]

Poached Crayfish Tail with Mango & Basil Dressing

I am not a big a big fan of pairing fruit with savoury dishes with a few exceptions such as venison and figs, game fowl with citrus fruits and this mango dressing with shellfish such as crayfish or prawns. For the best results the mango must be fully ripened and sweet. Use a peppery extra […]

Upcoming Classes at Chefs Warehouse

Thursday 3rd October SPRING VEGETABLES/ VEGETARIAN R450 6pm – 9pm Tuesday 8th October KNIFE SKILLS R350 6pm – 9pm Saturday 12th October BASIC TECHNIQUES COURSE: EGGS R450 9.30am – 1pm Thursday 17th October TARTS: SWEET & SAVOURY R450 6pm – 9pm Saturday 19th October INDO CHINA: THAILAND, VIETNAM, LAOS, BURMA AND CAMBODIA R450 9.30am – 1pm Tuesday 22nd October MOROCCO […]

Tuna Nicoise

12                            Small potatoes 100          ml            Pesto 1                              Lemon 6                              Marinated anchovy fillets 12                            Pieces semi dried tomatoes 6                              Quail eggs, boiled for 2 minutes, refreshed and peeled 50            g              Tapenade 150          ml            Beurre blanc 4 x 140    g              Tuna portions 25            ml            Extra virgin olive oil 80            g              French beans, topped, tailed and blanched […]