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Back to Basics: Desserts and Baking

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

In November, we will be hosting a 5 Part course covering Desserts and Baking in all its forms. From Ice Cream to Plated Desserts, to Chocolate, Breads and Pastry, this is a perfect accommpaniment to Liam’s 5 Part Back to Basics course.

Held once a week from the end of November, Claire and Salome, who were Liam’s “right hand” ladies at LTF in Franschhoek, will demonstrate to participants, all the intracacies involved as regards desserts, bread making and baking.

We will be finalising the dates and details in the next few days, keep posted.


“00″ Flour.

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Italian flour is classified according to how finely ground it is, with “00″ (doppio zero in Italian) being the finest ground flour available. The first thing you’ll notice working with “00″ flour is how soft it is. It’s like talcum powder in your hands. This is the ultimate flour for making fresh pasta or pizza dough. Because it’s so soft and fine, it is easier to work with in the mixing and folding process, making a dough that is softer and more workable. However, just because it’s so soft and finely ground does not mean it’s lower in protein, rather the opposite, meaning it is also suitable for baking bread. We carry the Molino Belotti “00″ flour at Chefs Warehouse, available in 1kg bags at R20 each.

Become an Artisan Breadmaker.

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

There’s nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread, especially the kind with a firm crust and perfectly soft centre that’s just come out of your very own oven. That first spread of butter and straight in your mouth… complete and utter satisfaction.

If this is something you’ve never experienced, we can change that. Well, Tim Faull can change it, to be more precise. His course -Knead to Know: A Sensory Journey to Artisan Baking – teaches you the complete fundamentals on how to bake like a professional at home. From your own starter mix to baking a wide variety of breads (including barley, potato & rosemary, health seed bread, sour dough bread, multi seed health bread, cottage loaf, ciabatta, baguette, spelt bread, cabernet bread and naan bread), the course gives you the knowledge and skills to continue the artisan baking traditions of yesteryear.

The five-part course runs Wednesday’s in March (2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th) from 5.30pm – 8.30pm. Course fee is R3,000, including all notes, sampling of foods and wine during classes. We have a few spots left – bookings via

i ♥ macarons.

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

I ♥ macarons. And you probably ♥ them too. Charming, sweet creamy and puffy little delicacies, they make great gifts – if you manage to hold out from eating them. To get around this problem, you have to buy 2-3 times the amount you need as a gift, to have some yourself. Alternatively, try making them at home. Should you wish to try the latter, this book by Hisako Ogita provides a step-by-step guide. Photographed to show every step in making both the cream and the puff, it’s a simple but effective handbook to perfect home-baked macarons.

And since macarons are made from ground almonds, powdered sugar and egg whites (along with assorted flavourings), Ogita even includes a few recipes on how to use the leftover egg yolks. There you have it. Let the macaron revolution continue.

i ♥ macarons – R140 at Chefs Warehouse.

Nordic Ware Baking Pans.

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

The Nordic Ware range of heavy cast aluminium baking ware is the choice of professional bakers that want results perfectly, every day. Baked goods rise evenly, cook uniformly and are given beautiful detail through their patterned and shaped baking trays. The full range comprises pans for bread, moulded desserts (pictured), cakes and savoury dishes. We’ve got our hands on a few good ones. Try the Petit Fours baking pan to produce after-dinner treats that your guests will “ooh!” and “aah!” about. R495 each.

Artisan Baking Kits.

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Master baker Tim Faull started his Knead to Know baking course this week at Chefs Warehouse. At Tim’s first class, he took us through the difference between artisan baking and modern baking, the romance and skill involved and also how to make a sourdough starter. Liam christened his starter Tim Jnr., in honour of Tim himself. Tim Jnr. is bubbling away in the office right now, having just been fed (flour, yoghurt milk and apple juice).

To coincide with this baking focus, we’ve got some great baking accessories in the shop. If you want to make bread like a professional, get the same tools as the professional. Everything from stone-ground flour and trays to complete bread kits, we’ve got it. The bread making kits have the flour, yeast, seeds and everything else you need. They come in varieties that include: Italian ciabatta, baguette, cider bread, multiseed loaf, Portuguese, sourdough, spelt, wheat-free, all priced from R75 upwards. Pictured above: Terracotta baking stone – R180, Full-sized couche – R430, dough cutters – (various sizes ) R15 – R60, stainless steel sliding tray – R185 , bakers paddle R250, Teflon sheet – R105, Flour brush R205, bakers knife – R295 , rolling pin – R225, pastry brushes, R115/R150.