Neil Was Here.

Forget the weather. Forget the bad news. Forget tenderpreneurs. Forget it all. Because last night Neil Jewell came to Chefs Warehouse and hosted a class on cooking with pig, called The Pig. Fitting. Not only did he share his passion for making great cassoulet, stuffing sausages, curing hams and making other pork dishes, he shared his passion for raising animals correctly and humanely. He laid a full pig on the table in front of the 24 guests. He sliced it up and talked through the different parts. Then he showed how to make things with them. Guests tasted through a selection of things like blood pudding, pork skin crackling, Toulouse sausage and more, served with some Moreson wines. It was amazing.

So forget all the other negative nonsense out there for a bit, and think about how positive it is to have people like Neil in the Cape, people making honest, real food of the highest standard. He’s a true artisan, and we want to thank him. It was a full class and a great success. Thanks also to all the guests for participating.

More pics from the night coming shortly…