With Easter just 2 weeks away and Lent promises at their most weight bearing, it is good to be reminded that the goodness of tradition is just out of reach. Peter Tempelhoff, executive chef of The Collection, a restaurant collective of only the best in the food industry has shared his Hot Cross Bun recipe with us.


1300g flour ( Cake)

150g sugar

75g yeast

15g salt

6 eggs

400ml water

165g butter

105g chopped candied peel

105g raisins

105g sultanas

15g mix spice

15g cinnamon

2,5ml lemon essence

2.5 ml orange essence

2.5 rum essence

2.5 ml almond essemce

5ml vanilla essence

Piping paste

100g cake flour

40g butter

100ml oil


Mix all ingredients except fruit on speed 1 until

Add fruit

Prove until double in size

Scale 60g rounds, preshape add piping mixture just before putting in the oven

Bake at 180 degrees 15 min