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Food Superstitions

The internet is an amazing tool, and sometimes, sometimes, Facebook connects you to sites that some wouldn’t ordinarily visit. Bon Appetit is one such site: http://www.bonappetit.com/  We love this article about food superstitions, for example: Knives: passing a knife directly to someone is not advised, it will bring discord between you and that person. Instead, place the […]

Menus at Chefs Warehouse Canteen and for Street Food updated

As most people know, the menus at Chefs Warehouse and at Street Food change daily. At The Canteen, the soup, cheese and the Tapas selection changes everyday. Down at Street Food, some items are repeated but there are new dishes all the time.   Canteen menu 5th August:   FROM THE DELI   RILLETTE OF DUCK […]