Truffes Par Excellence.

If you want pure indulgence, don’t think caviar or Champagne – there’s nothing quite like truffles. Chefs Warehouse has their hands on some truffle treats. Firstly, these little black truffles that are preserved in glass jars. Just the thing if you’re in need of truffle but can’t get your hands on anything fresh – a common problem for chefs and home cooks, especially down here in South Africa. They keep for years if unopened, but best use them quickly once opened (which shouldn’t be a problem).

Then another one – truffle juice. Or ‘Jus de Truffes “Delices,” as the French labeling says it. Made from pressed black truffles, you can simply add this juice to sauces, risotto, pasta, eggs or other dishes to bring that rich, pungent truffle flavour.  Not a bad thing to have on hand in the kitchen if you’re wanting to impress someone…

Liam will also be hosting a class on cooking with fresh truffles at Chefs Warehouse on the 18th of December… more on that shortly.