Liam hosts two upcoming courses in the demonstration kitchen at Chefs Warehouse that you might be interested in. The first is a repeat of his in-depth Basic Techniques & Methods of Cookery course, which runs over 20 classes starting November 10th (classes are from 10am – 2pm). Like his first course, this will cover the full kitchen repertoire of dishes and techniques. We’re talking stocks, consommés, sauces, dressings, preparing shellfish, butchering meats and their preparations (confit, balontine and more) as well going over desserts like ice cream, sorbet and sweet sauces. It’s a serious demonstration-cooking course for the home cook who wants to broaden their knowledge, skill and confidence to the point where they can tackle any recipe they fancy. Classes are small in size, with just 20 participants, and allow for easy interaction with the chef during cooking. Wines are paired to the dishes prepared in each class, and all recipes are provided in printed booklets. There is no other course like this in Cape Town, so don’t miss the chance to be a participant.

The second is Liam’s 5-part course, essentially a condensed version of the Basic Techniques & Methods of Cookery. This course runs each Tuesday through November, starting November 2nd (classes are from 6pm – 9.30pm). While this shorter course doesn’t afford the time to go into as much detail and cover as many recipes so extensively as the 20-part course, it still provides a full and comprehensive outline of the techniques and skills required to cook like a pro, and there will also be wines paired with the food.

To find out more information or book a spot in either course, please contact Rachel on either 021 422 0128 or