Persian cuisine is very diverse, but often features subtle flavours like saffron, dried lime, preserves and cinnamon. Herbs and fruits are used often too and cooking varies from slow-cooked roasts to stews, with lamb being a key meat. Anyone that has been to Hooman Saffarian’s restaurant in Green Point, Sloppy Sam, will be familiar with this cuisine. The restaurant was originally a milk bar in its original location, which dates back to 1935. Hooman is a chef of Persian origin but describes himself as proudly South African, but cooking with Persian, Greek and Middle Eastern influences. He is also fond of using unusual products like pomegranate juice, pickled shallots and garlic (products we sell at Chefs Warehouse) to name a few.

The charismatic Hooman will host a cooking demonstration class at Chefs Warehouse on 6th September where he will take guests through an educational journey of Persian cuisine. Aside from his Abgusht Persian Lamb stew and kufteh, he’ll talk us through some of the interesting ingredients and culinary traditions of this proud region. This is food that has captured the imagination of many international chefs for its many spices and flavours, so don’t miss the opportunity to taste some incredible dishes.

The class runs from 6.30pm – 9.30pm on 6th September. Please contact Chefs Warehouse to book your place before we’re sold out.