Liam is hosting five demonstration classes over a single week where he’s going to cover the essentials from his 20-part course. Aside from the chance to watch him prepare some incredible dishes – and eat them – participants will get insights into ingredients, methods and clever tips to help them get the same results in their own home kitchen. Content will run through stocks, consommés, sauces, dressings, preparing shellfish, butchering meats and their preparations (confit, balontine and more) as well going over desserts like ice cream, sorbet and sweet sauces. In short, you’ll go from novice to kitchen superhero in five days. The class runs from Monday, August 23rd – Friday, August 27th, each class lasting from 10AM – 2PM. We have only a few spots left, so please contact Chefs Warehouse to book a place. Cost is R3,500 per person.