What do you get when you bring a bunch of talented illustrators and animators together in one space and give them the freedom to express themselves? A successful business that has done work for clients worldwide, that’s what. Am I Collective has done exactly this, under the leadership of founding member and good friend of Chefs Warehouse, Mark van Niekerk. If you’ve popped in at Chefs Warehouse, been to any of our classes or read this blog, you’ve seen the great food illustrations on the giant blackboard in our cooking studio, all done by members of Am I Collective. These are minor pieces of work for a creative team that has done projects for big brands like Nike, FIFA, Virgin, Coca Cola and ESPN, amongst others. They have however played a big role in bringing further creativity to Chefs Warehouse. A big thanks from all of us to Mark and his team. See their portfolio online at www.amicollective.com.