Around The World With Liam is a 10-part cookery course where Liam explores the cuisine from, well, all over the globe. Having worked in over ten countries during his career, he has some unique insights and experiences from which to draw from. The course will be held over 10 months in 2011 and will cover cuisines from all over Europe, Asia and elsewhere. It will follow the usual demonstration format, and each class will feature wine pairings and guests will receive full recipes.

More information to come on the individual courses, but the dates are as follows:
19 February – Thailand
19 March – Italy
23 April – Japan
21 May – Spain
18 June – South America
23 July – Switzerland
20 August – Morocco
17 September – Vietnam
22 October – France
19 November – the British Isles

Individual classes can be taken for R650 per class, or all the entire 10-part course for R5850. Bookings now open.