Master baker Tim Faull started his Knead to Know baking course this week at Chefs Warehouse. At Tim’s first class, he took us through the difference between artisan baking and modern baking, the romance and skill involved and also how to make a sourdough starter. Liam christened his starter Tim Jnr., in honour of Tim himself. Tim Jnr. is bubbling away in the office right now, having just been fed (flour, yoghurt milk and apple juice).

To coincide with this baking focus, we’ve got some great baking accessories in the shop. If you want to make bread like a professional, get the same tools as the professional. Everything from stone-ground flour and trays to complete bread kits, we’ve got it. The bread making kits have the flour, yeast, seeds and everything else you need. They come in varieties that include: Italian ciabatta, baguette, cider bread, multiseed loaf, Portuguese, sourdough, spelt, wheat-free, all priced from R75 upwards. Pictured above: Terracotta baking stone – R180, Full-sized couche – R430, dough cutters – (various sizes ) R15 – R60, stainless steel sliding tray – R185 , bakers paddle R250, Teflon sheet – R105, Flour brush R205, bakers knife – R295 , rolling pin – R225, pastry brushes, R115/R150.