Liam’s 20-class cookery course begins this coming Saturday, 8th May. This is probably the most complete cookery course in Cape Town that you could sign up for, and there are a few places available, so you still have a chance to take part.

Designed to help you conquer all the techniques that might have frustrated you in the past, the course takes you through stocks, soups, shellfish, fish, meat, game, poultry, pastry, baking, desserts and more. Liam will take you through the fundamentals, demonstrating how the knowledge of these basic principles allow you to follow your own creative spirit in the kitchen.

The class is intimate, with only 24 participants, so everyone gets to interact one-on-one and master all the methods. Held on Saturdays twice a month, each class is four hours long. If you’d like to find out more, please feel free to stop by Chefs Warehouse or contact us on or 021 422 0128.