Tapas for 2 at Chefs Warehouse & Canteen

Late, after every service at Chefs Warehouse, the chefs get together to decide what they will serve the next day. Guests are presented with a completely different menu every day, often based on what is available/ seasonal. This keeps the menu fresh and exciting, and it certainly makes it more interesting for the chefs as well. The Tapas […]

New Products at Chefs Warehouse

    We are always excited to try new things at Chefs Warehouse. Here is a small list of some of the new products we have on our shelves: Bonder Smoked Salt (Apple Wood, Cherry Wood & Pecan Wood flavours) R55 each H & A Organics Preserves and Sauces from R35 Le Coquin Caramel/ Chocolate […]

Awards Season

The restaurant awards ‘season’ has happened! Two weeks ago, the Rossouw’s Restaurant Guide had their awards ceremony at Steyn City in Johannesburg and this past Sunday, Eat Out had theirs at Thunder City in Cape Town. The Rossouw’s event, held at the Golf Club at Steyn City, was a smart casual event, attended by about 100 people. […]

Food Superstitions

The internet is an amazing tool, and sometimes, sometimes, Facebook connects you to sites that some wouldn’t ordinarily visit. Bon Appetit is one such site: http://www.bonappetit.com/  We love this article about food superstitions, for example: Knives: passing a knife directly to someone is not advised, it will bring discord between you and that person. Instead, place the […]