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“Our foundation comes from a variety of Brugarol Farms in the Palamos region of Catalunya.”

Brugarol Barcelona is a concept part of the Brugarol group.

Brugarol brings the very elements of smell, touch, sight, and memory, thus provoking nostalgia and what makes us feel human.

From the hidden forests and treasures in between, lies a journey, and an experience of the history of Catalunya.

Brugarol Barcelona has captivated this experience its 15th-century surroundings in an ancient city called the Gothic quarter, bringing the very produce and wines from our farms in a contemporary form.


12:30 PM— 4 PM
7 PM — 11 PM


1 PM - 5 PM

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Angelo Scirocco

Angelo started his cheffing career working for Luke Dale Roberts at the Test Kitchen in 2012. He spent two years in this progressive kitchen and then moved on to work for Liam at Chefs Warehouse & Canteen in 2014 and took on the head chef position until 2016.

Angelo then took part in the San Pellegrino young chef competition in 2015, winning the title in his category - Africa and the Middle East young chef of 2015.

He then moved to the city of Johannesburg and opened up the much -talked about Urbanologi before taking a break and moving to Barcelona to open Brugarol with partners Liam and Victoria Engelhorn.

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