There’s something special about a Sunday roast. It takes you back to the days of royalty, a time when men wore jackets and ties to meals and women beautiful dresses. You don’t have to do that for your next Sunday roast, but if you want to add a special touch, this certainly will do the trick. It’s a carving set that will make all others seem positively antiquated. While it is modern in design, it will restore some classical elegance to your next roast, be it on Sunday or any other day.

The board (by Menu, R1395) is made from hard bamboo wood and has a discreet hole in the centre that allows meat juices to drip down into the tray. The carving knife and fork (by Eva Solo, R1240) are clean cut in design and of superb quality, each made from a single piece of Asian steel.

This is the kind of set that you’ll want to show off. And you won’t even need to don fancy clothes to look good at your next roast.