Vanessa Quellec is the New Yorker with a sweet tooth, mostly because it’s her job to work with chocolate ALL day. Seems almost too perfect, no?

She moved to South Africa in 2010 and has worked with some of our very best. Ille de Pain, The Vineyard and The Roundhouse are all well versed in her skill as a pastry chef. And her pet project at Café Milano was a roaring success as she created an authentic Italian pasticceria.

Vanessa is currently the brand ambassador for Wild Peacock Products and is based out in Stellenbosch. She also flies the flag for Valrhona chocolate, a product that is very dear to her heart.

For those of you who, like Vanessa, cannot say no to the dark, mysterious wiles of chocolate, Cooking With Chocolate is the perfect book for you. This weighty companion includes over 200 recipes and a 1 hour DVD to help you along.  OR if you would like to attend one of Vanessa’s demo’s at Chefs Warehouse, there is one happening on the 31st of March. Contact for more details.

PS: Our friends at Liam Tomlin Food will also be hosting Vanessa on the 8th of Feb as she demonstrates a few of her best kept secrets.  For more information contact LTF on