What would Easter be without chocolate? We wouldn’t even want to hazard a guess!

Below is a selection of some of the chocolates, in all shapes, sizes, flavours and forms, that we have available.

Valrhona, in 1kg bags: American Noir 72%, Blanche 26% and Lactee: R145

Valrhona Cocoa Powder 250g: R110

Valrhona 250g slabs in various flavours from: R130

Valrhona Caramelia Crunchy Pearls 250g: R105

Milk Chocolate Sardines from France, in a beautiful tin: R105

Fondues, in ceramic pots from France, in various flavours: R200

Amerena Fabbri Cherries from Italy: R230

This is Easter for adults, forget bunnies and eggs, even those hard shelled white ones ……… well, maybeHAPPY EASTER