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This is our way of helping to make your Christmas, and any other lunch or dinner you may have over the festive season, that much easier. To ease the process, please place any orders before Friday 13th December.

There are other food items available, so come pop in and have a look.

Duck Confit (Pack of 4 Legs) R140.00

Duck Rillette (Includes Parfait Jar) 150g R95.00

Pork Belly Confit R260.00 p/kg

Duck Sausage R240.00 p/kg

Potatoes in Duck Fat 500g R60.00

Veal Stock 1.5l R140.00

Duck Stock 1l R140.00

Chicken Stock 1l R65.00

Asian Style Duck Broth 1l R160.00

Gammon Glaze R45.00

Rabbit Confit (Pack of 4 Legs) R160.00

Christmas Pudding (Includes Pudding Bowl) R160.00

Season to Taste R450.00

Lessons with Liam R350.00

Combo R700.00