As Summer winds down to Autumn, we will be looking at eating heartier meals. Soups, stews, paellas, risottos, curries: “all dishes comforting”.

Have a look at our latest classes list, there is bound to be one or two that will appeal.

3rd April BERTUS BASSON 6pm – 9pm R575

4th April SPANISH EVENING 6pm – 9.30pm R450

6th April BASIC TECHNIQUES SALADS 9.30am – 1pm R6500/R450

8th April COOKING FOR FRIENDS CLASS ONE 6pm – 9.30pm R450

11th April PIGGING OUT WITH LIAM 6pm – 9.30pm  R450

15th  April ONE POT WONDERS 6pm – 9.30pm R450

20th April BASIC TECHNIQUES FISH 9.30am – 1pm R6500/R450

22nd April COOKING FOR FRIENDS CLASS  TWO 6pm – 9.30pm R450

25th  April AROUND THE WORLD: INDIA 10am – 1.30pm R450

30th April ITALIAN COOKING 6pm – 9.30pm R450

Please note that the Basic Techniques Course is R6500 for the enitre course. Individual classes are R450 per person per class.

5 Part Asian Cookery Course:

Saturday: 11TH and 25TH May, 8TH and 22ND June and 6TH July. 9.30am – 1pm R450 per class.