Induction cooking utilises electromagnetism to generate heat and cook your food. If that sounds like something out of science class, well, that’s because it’s rather scientific compared to the standard electric element or fire methods of generating heat. Simply put, an induction cooker generates an electromagnetic field between itself and the pot or skillet, thus creates a flow of energy causing heat. This can be adjusted instantaneously and the heat doesn’t pass outside of the pan or pot or the cooker, making it an incredibly safe form of cooking.

Chefs Warehouse has in stock several induction cookers. This single counter cooktop by CookTek is the flagship of their range. It offers fine control of power, a touch sensitive control panel, digital time with alarm and keypad lock to prevent your kids (or other kitchen muddlers) changing the cooking settings accidentally. It’s also easy to clean and has an automatic shut-off feature to prevent overcooking. More than that, it also looks quite futuristic, which is pretty cool.

Available at Chefs Warehouse for R17,400.