Cast iron cookware is everywhere. Beautiful, weighty and functional, these items have become top of the list for cooks in every kitchen (and couch) in the world.

While these converted items have a trend-factor at the moment, they also have a number of positive qualities, like many other things that have been around for hundreds of years.

Staub, pronounced “st-oh-b”, is a German brand of cast iron cookware for cooking and serving. After some investigation a few truths about these fine cooking vessels were uncovered…

  • Black matte enamel interior never needs seasoning
  • Cast iron retains heat, which is perfect for slow cooking
  • Does not discolor or rust
  • Solid brass and steel knobs that can withstand up to 260 ° C
  • Self basting spikes on the inside of the pot lid allow even distribution of moisture inside the pot for waterless cooking.

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