Crêpes, those light and thin pancakes that are served with either sweet or savoury filling, are a delicious winter treat. Actually, they’re great all year round, but more so in winter when it’s cold out. They originated in Brittany in the northwest of France, where they’re traditionally served with cider. Many first encounter them through Crêpes Suzette on the dessert menu. Sweet or savoury, whichever your preference, they should be thin and slightly curled at the edges (the name comes from the Latin crispa, meaning ‘curled’), something a good crêpe pan does easily.

At Chefs Warehouse we’ve got two good ones, both professional quality. Firstly the Paderno crêpe pan, with iron handle and made from aluminium with non-stick coating, available at R265. Then there’s the Scanpan also from aluminum but with an oven-safe plastic handle, available for R790.