South Africa gets some of the best seasonal produce in the world and, as mother nature intended, the fruit and veggies available during winter have healing properties.

Pomegranates are not just those ruby beauties that float in glasses of bubbly. They’re high in vitamin C and are in season during winter. Throw a handful of seeds into yoghurt or cereal and let those tart juices fill you with goodness.

Every child’s nightmare, the wily Brussel sprout, is packed with vitamin A, C and folic acid that all boost the metabolism. Trim the outer-most leaves and roast them in the oven with whole cloves of garlic or toss them with soy sauce and match sticks of fresh ginger or, and this might be your favourite as well, fry off some lardons, parma ham or chorico and add some pecorino and salad leaves for a dish that is colourful, flavourful and simply delcious.

Kiwi’s are by far the fruit with the most character. Those soft furry skins that protect the lime green flesh add that zing to any dish or table. They’re also packed with that key ingredient, Vita-C. Use them to make homemade yoghurt, to top cheese cake or add some chopped coriander and jalapeño chilies to some diced kiwi for a rather festive salsa.

Images from Mens Health