Chef Craig Cormack is South Africa’s unofficial salt guru. If you’ve ever attended his salt lunches or dinners, you’ll appreciate how he opens up a different sensory world, with informative history and tips explaining key concepts, such as how the rarity value affects the price. Of course, Craig’s salt tastings form a prelude to his carefully-matched dishes.

Unsurprisingly Craig has developed his own salt range. In quality black packaging, the Amoleh Luxury Salt Collection is Craig’s pick of gourmet salts sourced from around the globe. They’re all harvested with care and free of chemical refinement and processing. Few of these salts are pure white or uniform in size or texture.

The Amoleh range consists of Persian Blue, a bold-flavoured rare Iranian rock salt (R130) with blue tinges and spicy undertones. Hawaiian Red Alaska (R105) is a mellow option enriched with clay to give the crystals reddish tones. Local Khoisan Salt (R90) is a fine grain sea salt with minerals providing a distinctive flavour. From the other side of the world, Black Lava (R105) has a nutty flavour and distinctive dark colour thanks to is Hawaiian origins in seawater and black lava pools. Australia’s famous Murray River Salt (R130) is lightly peach-pink in tone with a charismatic yet delicate taste, in contrast to Caviar Salt (R95), a rare South African version from the sea. Kala Namak (R90) originates in India, with high iron and sulphur creating a pinkish-grey colour and smoky undertones.