With all the changes and side steps of Tim Noakes, some health sceptics have had to re-look at their lifestyle and diet regimes. Bottom line is that even though Noakes has made changes to his original theory (after selling umpteen copies of his last book), it really is up to you to decide whether to skip all risotto’s, spaghetti Bolognese’s and warm farm house loaves or to simply live with consciousness and moderation.

Whilst paging through Feast Bazaar by Barry Vera, I came across a recipe for hummus with fried lamb and sumac, which seemed like a good way to start looking into this carb-conscious ideaology. The recipe is simple and doesn’t include any of the banned substances and the book utilises flavours of the east, some of the favourites here at Chefs Warehouse.  Think of the fragrant wiles of cumin, the earthy goodness of cardamom, soul-awakening chilli and those delicate bastmati pearls prepared with sticks of cinnamon… *sigh* …the list is endless and utterly dreamy.

And in case you needed any more convincing, Jan and Liam’s pooch, Bailey, a discerning diner, has decided that she too might give this carb-consciousness a try.