Flow is a company based in Franschhoek that produces beautiful products made from wood. Trays, plates, book holders and many more. Two friends, Cindy and Erna, started the company last year, combining their respective talents and experience, and created a unique and very usable product in FLOW.

We have brought in a small range of their products and hope to expand on this in the future. We have large square trays, pizza board, tongs, cutting boards and little dark wood plates.

The procurement of these items is the start of us bring in some items that are not readily available. Look out for some exciting new products hitting our shelves soon.

Large Square Tray: R360, Laminated Board: R300,

Walnut Tray: R460, Book/ iPad Holder: R240.00

Tongs: small R80, large R90, Pizza Boards: small R270, large R420