Liam has a kilogram of fresh truffles on their way, so to celebrate will be hosting a class focused entirely on this luxurious delicacy. The truffles he’s bought are imported from Umbria in Italy, and are the Autumn truffle (also known as the Burgundy truffle). Stronger than the summer truffle, they have a dark brown veined interior and that distinctive, rich truffle flavour. These days truffles are harvested with the help of specially trained dogs that sniff them out – the traditional method of using pigs has been discarded since they seemed to eat their find too frequently.

Liam will take guests through various ways to use truffles in salads, sauces, desserts and other dishes, as well as infuse into risotto rice, eggs and polenta. Guests will sample the various truffle dishes along with La Motte sparkling wine during the class, and as per usual, full recipes and notes will be given to take home. Fresh truffles will also be available for purchase after class.

This truffle class is hosted on 18th December from 10am – 2pm. Cost per person is R900.