That’s right, Friday is National Heritage Day and what has become a big part of this day is undoubtedly the Braai 4 Heritage project. Spearheaded by Jan Scannell, Braai 4 Heritage encourages all South Africans, regardless of race, language, region or religion, to gather around a fire this Friday and celebrate our heritage with a braai. Read more about Braai 4 Heritage and the recent Guinness World Record Jan set for the longest continuous braai here.

We can’t think of anything more South African than grilling meat outdooors on a hot day. Generally, red meat seems to be the preferred choice, but chicken, fish and vegetables on the grill all work great. If you need some inspiration for Friday, or for cooking outdoors in general, get Fired Up. Ross Dobson’s ‘No Nonsense Guide to Barbecuing’ gives some great recipes, ranging in influence from American-style to Asian barbecue.

And if you need more inspiration, come browse our other great books. To name a few good ones:   The Cooks Guide to Meat, Jennie Milsom; Planet Barbecue, Steven Raichlen; The New Steak, Cree Levafour; and Marinades, Rubs, Brines, Cures & Glazes, Jim Tarantino. All books that’ll have you outside with tongs in your hand in no time.