Masterchef SA has been a topic of discussion for a few weeks now. First with the anticipation of its debut show and now with the usual commentary that goes along with any sort-after reality TV series. With the prizes valued at 8 million big ones and televised exposure for the winner, this show has been well supported by all the aspiring chefs.

This particular series started in the UK in 1990 under various brand names with the current and most iconic one being Masterchef. The public seem to revel in the trials that the participants go through and the show has been a hit worldwide. So much so, that Vietnam, Croatia, Finland, India, Greece, Germany and many others have all followed suit and created their very own series.

Global knives have become synonymous with Masterchef and it really does not take much convincing to prove that these are state-of-the-art utensils. Chefs Warehouse stocks 13 knives in the collection as well as the cooking tongs, tweezers and chop sticks. So either visit the online store or pop by the shop so that you can feel the weight of the blade in your palm before you waltz off into the sunset.