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At Jewells we believe the soil is the soul of the food.

Chef Neil Jewells' core value is to know the origin of our ingredients, and so we choose our farmers purposefully.  Neil does his best to source ingredients with good soil culture and sustainable farming practices.  With a passion for hand-made charcuterie and classic, simple food made well, every item on this menu is curated with a mindful approach.

Neil uses only pasture-reared pigs along with meats, cheeses, and wines from the farms of Charles Back, as he knows the best ingredients make the best dishes.

Neil has created an authentic farm-to-table dining experience at the Spice Route estate in picturesque Paarl.



12 PM— 4 PM


6 PM — 8 PM

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Neil Jewell

Neil Jewell is a passionate man who would refer to himself as ‘just a cook making good food.’ He is thorough about the principals behind his methods, techniques, and ingredients. Neil is inspired by empowering and educating his staff and is determined to nurture the potential in the people around him daily.

Neil enjoys expanding classic flavours through new combinations and techniques, but at the end of it, the result is good old fashioned food done well because he uses the best ingredients.

Neils’ life-long experience of reward through hard work has shaped the business mind of the Jewells team.

Liam and Neil have known each other since they both cooked in Franschhoek. When the Jewells decided to progress in their journey, they sought out an inspirational industry leader with whom to partner. Liam was that for them. Charles Back and Liam had already been in discussion about doing something with the space on the Spice Route estate and so as the planets aligned all three powerhouses were looking to partner up on this new opportunity.

The ingredients and the nose-to-tail ethos shines through with solid values of honesty and integrity; what you see is what you get.

Working with Liam and Charles Back at Spice Route continues this ethos.

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Tina Jewell

For those who have visited and dined with Tina and Neil from their years cooking and baking in Franschhoek, they can attest to Tina’s high energy, packed with enthusiasm in everything she does.

Tina is a natural entertainer and host, able to read her guests to provide chatter and laughs or a quiet, restrained interaction if that is what the diner initiates, and this is the gift of her personalized service.

Tina constantly evolves her staff and is the eagle-eye in the dining room, the front-of-house counterpart to Neil’s skills in the kitchen.

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Michael aka Pikkie

Pikkie has been working with Neil for 11 years. After his Prue Leith internship at Bread and Wine, Pikkie had been working so well with Neil that he was asked to stay on as they grew their strong brand and family team. He slowly built his way up to the stoves, learning a bit everywhere in the kitchen.

Neil has nurtured Pikkie’s development, and after all these years, there is now equality of tasks. Their relationship is symbiotic. Pikkie is thoughtful, reliable, and not easily ruffled. He runs the kitchen when Neil is not around.

When he is not seving saucy suppers, you can find him being unnaturally passionate about any team sports on the telly.

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Chloe has spent ten years with the Jewell's at Bread and Wine, starting as a runner in the original farm shop, moving on to the floor as a waitress and eventually becoming Tina's right hand in service. Chloe and Michael have worked together as partners for years now, and this forms a great connection between the four members in Team Jewells.

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Neil Jewell will open his charcuterie shop, Jowls on the Spice Route estate next door to the restaurant Jewells. Neil makes all his charcuterie using only pasture-reared pigs from the Glen Oakes farm. Sliced and whole charcuterie will soon be available to the public to taste, to buy as well as wholesale to other restaurants.

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