Ever watched with envy as a professional chef handles their knife like it’s an extension of their hand? Then gone home to try emulate this and almost sliced your pinky off? Well, no longer. Liam will be hosting a knife skills class on the 25th September at Chefs Warehouse where he’ll take participants through the various knife techniques required to chop, slice, dice, bone and fillet your way through any recipe with ease and style. Not only that, but you can bring your knives to Chefs Warehouse and while you’re learning the methods, we’ll professionally sharpen them so they’re ready for you by the time you leave. One class. Sharp knives. Perfect technique. That’s all there is to it.

No more excuses for blunt knives or bad techniques – get your name on the list for this class before it’s sold out. Class runs Saturday the 25th September from 10am – 1pm. Cost R250 per person.