Pinterest is one of those sites that you either love or hate, but mostly love! When it comes to food and all things food, the site can sometimes prove to be a little tricky, but the gems are there. Like this one:

A new year is often started with a host of resolutions, ones that are sometimes realised, but often, real life is just too, well real. We have spoken about going “Back to School” at Chefs Warehouse, in this blog and also our newsletter. Well if there is a blog entry that is helpful, we think this is one.

Knife skills are an important part of any cooks abilities. As Liam says: practise, practise, practise. The types of knives can be confusing, there are so many types. The most basic selection would be a cooks knife, a paring knife and perhaps a utility knife.

We will be scheduling a Knife Skills class is the next couple of months, keep an eye “peeled”. And don’t forget that we have a superb knife sharpener who visits us at Chefs Warehouse. He will sharpen just about any blade, give us a shout.