That’s right. As we mentioned, Luke Dale-Roberts from La Colombe will be hosting a cooking class at Chefs Warehouse. Luke will be here on 15th June, to show off some of the secrets and techniques that helped La Colombe recently receive 12th position on the S.Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. Luke has pretty much worked in kitchens of some of the best restaurants in London, Europe and Asia. He’s done French at Elenas L’Etoile in London. He’s done Pacific Rim fusion under the Greenwood in Sydney. He’s done the ‘cooking for the rich and famous’ at Soho House in London. He’s done French cuisine in Singapore and Malaysia, Japanese in Korea and Asian-Mediterranean in the Philippines. And since 2006 he’s brought his creativity and experience to La Colombe in Cape Town where he’s won Eat Out Chef of the Year 2008 and Eat Out Restaurant of the Year 2009 awards. He’s got nothing left to prove, really!

Imagination and technique are what sets him apart, and are what’s going to make this class special. Your chance to interact one-on-one with South Africa’s best chef at Chefs Warehouse is June 15th, so book now – seats are going to be in short supply!