Christmas is only a few days away, so here’s a few last minute ideas for presents. A cook or chef can never have enough books. Like this one, Atul Kochnar’s new book “fish indian style.” It ┬áprovides the answer to that often-asked question, “What to do with this fish?” With over 100 recipes that are both unique and simple to prepare, yet burst with spices and flavours from India, the book solves any fish conundrum you may find yourself in. Great photography and a clean layout make it easy to follow and fun to browse.

Then there’s this spice grinder, made from recycled French oak wine barrel staves. Large and sturdy, it’s perfect for pepper, salt, coriander, cumin and whatever spice takes your fancy, it’ll never look out of place. (R450 each) Another great little tool is the yellow lemon & lime squeezer, made in Mexico. It’s summer, so if you decide to make some margaritas or mojitos – and you should make plenty of these – ┬áthis is just the thing, since it doesn’t just juice the fruit, but pulps it too. (R180 each)