If you couldn’t make Liam’s 20-part Basic Techniques & Methods of Cookery course, but are keen to seriously hone your cooking skills, you might be interested in this: five intensive classes hosted by Liam where he’ll cover some of the essentials from his more extensive course. He’ll take participants through a wide variety of foods, giving insight into ingredients, methods and clever tips to ensure you can recreate the same quality at home.

The course is set to include content on stocks (fish, chicken, veal & mushroom), consommes, a variety of innovative sauces and dressings. It will also go through selecting and preparing fish & shellfish, as well as butchering techniques and making confit, ballotine and more using meat, poultry and game. Oh, and a selection of desserts, of course, including ice cream, sorbet and sweet sauces.

Participants will gain the skills and knowledge in just a few days to drastically improve their home cooking capabilities. The demonstration course runs over five consecutive mornings from 10am – 2pm, starting Monday, 23 August and ending on the Friday. Participants must attend all five classes.

The cost is R3,500 which, like all courses, includes wine pairings to go with Liam’s culinary creations. Participants will also receive comprehensive notes and recipes to take home.