Lucky Peach is a magazine created by award winning chef, David Chang, from New York”s Momofuku restaurant. It has been described as a journal of food writing, and is published quarterly. We are lucky to have copies of the second and third issues.

Each issue has a theme, and the theme of the 2nd issue is ‘The Sweet Spot”. This issue features Rene Redzepi, Tajikistani apricots with Adam Gollner and banana pie with Momofuku Milk Bar chef Christina Tosi, plus loads more

The cover of Issue 2 of Lucky Peach

Part travelogue, essays, art, photography and RANTS, Lucky Peach is a full colour and meticulously designed magazine. Recipes don’t follow the same old format we are used to, they are laid out ‘sensibly’ and are inspired by the thought process that went into developing them. The aim of Lucky Peach is to give a platform to a brand of writing that began with unorthodox authors like Anthony Bourdain. The publication aims to attract and appeal to die hard foodies, as well as fans of good writing and art in general.

The third issue, with the theme: “The Cooks and Chefs Issue” asks a few pressing questions: What does it mean to be a cook in today’s age of celebrity chefdom? Where is cooking headed? What happens, exactly, when bartenders spank mint? …..

The answers arrive from all over the place, Mario Batali recalls the early days of Food Network; Meredith Erickson spends an afternoon with Fergus Henderson; Naomi Duguid visits street vendors in Chiang Mai. Cooks from Fort Bragg to Paris to the South Pole are questioned. There are recipes for barbecue-chicken pizza and pasta primavera, and Christina Tosi’s upside-down pineapple cake.

Cover of Issue 3 of Lucky Peach

Lucky Peach Issue 2 R145.00

Lucky Peach Issue 3 R160.00