First published in 1914, Le Repertoire de La Cuisine is a book you won’t find easily. It presents the fundamental elements of cookery, in alphabetical order and with 6,000 dishes covering everything. Yes, everything. As much a guidebook for chefs and restaurateurs, it can be a great resource for anyone with an interest in food and cooking. R380.

Charlie Trotter (an appropriate name for a chef if ever there was one) has been hailed the Best Chef in America, his eponymous Chicago restaurant has been named Best Restaurant In The World (Wine Spectator magazine) and he’s generally hailed as a genius by chefs, restaurateurs and anyone lucky enough to have eaten his cuisine. He’s published several books focused on his take on food, but the latest are slightly more practical, if a little philosophical. Lessons in Service, Lessons in Wine Service and Lesson in Excellence are three books where Trotter imparts his wisdom in an easily readable style. Filled with tips and anecdotes from his decades in the business, each book is informative, detailed and an interesting read. R285 each.