So Chefs Warehouse wasn’t sleeping during the holidays. We were actually working. Or more correctly, we’d done our work so that when we got back to the shop this month a whole bunch of new stuff started to arrive, including a bunch of brilliant new books. Seriously, every single one of these books deserves a special mention…

Pork & Sons – Stephane Reynaud

A book devoted to our pink friends with trotters, Pork & Sons is the story of the Reynaud family as told by third-generation pork devotee, Stephane. His grandfather was the village butcher as was his father and Stephane is the owner of a restaurant specialising in pork. The book is beautifully laid out and has some great pork recipes, from roasts to terrines. R400.

Salted – Mark Bitterman

“Salt can be a revelation,” urges the author, “no food is more potent, or more ancient. No other food displays salt’s crystalline beauty, is as varied, or as storied.” And that’s exactly what makes this books so interesting. Full of interesting stories and detailed pieces of information on the various salts, as well as over 50 recipes, it’s a real treasure for any chef or home cook. R380.

Tartine Bread – Chad Robertson

Written by the baker behind the renowned San Francisco bakery, Tartine, it’s as close as you’ll get to a Bread Bible. It starts with an introduction on Bread in Time and goes on to give away all the secrets and recipes that have made Tartine a bakery that sells out within an hour of the bread leaving the oven. R410.

Susar, A Culinary Life – Susur Lee & Sara Angel

His reinterpreted Chinese cooking has been dubbed nouvelle chinoise. Mastering the technique and nuance of French cuisine and the using the flavours and textures of Chinese, Susar and his namesake restaurant in Toronto have drawn praise from almost every food magazine and critic around. This book is divided in two halves: the first tells his story of life between Hong Kong, France and Toronto, and the second is a collection of his most sought-after recipes. R500.

REINVENTING FOOD: Ferran Adria, the man who changed the way we eat – Colman Andrews

A tale that captures you from the first page, respected US food writer Colman Andrews takes the reader through Ferran Adria’s rise “from dishwasher to creative genius behind el Bulli, the world’s most influential restaurant.” A meticulously researched book that is full of anecdotes and insights from the author’s time spent with the great chef. R320.