Time flies when you’re having fun, an old adage, but one we know to be true. We are almost halfway through January (!!) seems time waits for no-one!

To help you save some of that precious time, pop into Chefs Warehouse and have a look at some our awesome food products.

There is bound to be something that will appeal, Butternut or Potato Gnocchi, Bolognaise sauce or even Sweetcorn and Basil soup.

Some of us are still languishing on the beach, enjoying a long Summer holiday, Marinated Olives, Duck or Pork Rillette or even Citrus and Hazelnut Shortbread are perfect to take along for a snack or even for that cocktail party this weekend.

Here is the full list including prices, of what is available now.

RENDERED DUCK FAT 500G                                                                R110.00

DUCK CONFIT PACK OF 4 LEGS                                                          R140.00

DUCK RILLETTE (INCLUDES PARFAIT JAR) 150G                                 R95.00

PORK RILLETTE (INCLUDES PIE DISH)                                                    R75.00

COQ AU VIN (ONE WHOLE CHICKEN)                                                 R160.00

PANCETTA PRICE PER WEIGHT                                                          R240.00 PER KG

POTATOES IN DUCK FAT 500G                                                           R60.00

GAMMON GLAZE HONEY MUSTARD 200ML                                      R45.00

DUCK NECK SAUSAGE PER KG                                                           R160.00

BOLOGNESE 1KG                                                                                 R180.00

BONE MARROW                                                                                 R75.00 PER KG

POTATO GNOCCI 500G                                                                        R40.00

BUTTERNUT GNOCCI 500G                                                                  R48.00

CAFÉ DE PARIS BUTTER 250G                                                             R65.00

SWEETCORN AND BASIL SOUP 1L                                                     R75.00

VEAL STOCK 1.5L                                                                                R140.00

CHICKEN STOCK 1L                                                                             R65.00

DUCK STOCK 1L                                                                                  R140.00

MISO PASTE 100G                                                                               R18.00

PUFF PASTRY 500G                                                                             R50.00

ROUGH PASTRY PER 1 KG ROLL                                                        R85.00

CHOCOLATE-FONDANT                                                                      R120 PER 500G

PANKO BREAD CRUMBS 75G                                                             R7.50

VANILLA SUGAR 100G                                                                         R18.00

GLUCOSE 470G                                                                                    R35.00

COCOA CRUNCH                                                                                 R40.00

CITRUS AND HAZELNUT SHORTBREAD 500G                                     R45.00

CYPRUS FLAKED SALT 1KG                                                                R180.00

CEP INFUSED ARBORIO RICE 500G                                                     R50.00


MARINATED KALAMATA OLIVES 500G                                              R110.00

We are adding new items all the time, Claire, Salome and John are busy right now!

If there is anything you would love to see on this list, give us a shout and we will happily look at adding it.