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We have booked exciting new classes for the next few months although some of the popular classes will be revisited , we have added an array of new ones to the list. With Kobus van der Merwe’s class that was completely sold out previously, we have managed to drag him away from his busy schedule to do one this winter.  Interesting things are in season around the West Coast so that would be a class not to miss.

Liam’s 5-part Asian course is starting on the 11th of May. Individual classes can be attended or book for the whole course that includes Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, China and Singapore.

25th Apr            Around The World: India                                6pm – 9.30pm R450

30th Apr            Italian Cooking                                                  6pm – 9.30pm R450

4th May             Basic Techniques: Shellfish                             9.30am – 1pm R450

11th May           5 Part Asian Cookery Course: Thailand          10am – 1pm R450

14th May          Gnocchi                                                                 6pm – 9pm R450

18th May          Basic Techniques: Meat                                     9.30am – 1pm R450

20th May          Moorish Feast                                                      6pm – 9pm R450

23rd May         One Pot Wonders                                                 6pm – 9pm R450

25th May          5 Part Asian Cookery Course: Vietnam           10am – 1pm R450

27th May         Knife Skills Demonstration                               6pm – 9pm R350

29th May         Easy Breads                                                         6pm – 9pm R450

1st June           Basic Techniques: Game & Poultry                9.30am – 1pm R450

5th June          Mexican Fiesta                                                    6pm – 9pm R450

8th June          5 Part Asian Cookery Course: Japan             10am – 1pm R450

10th June        Risotto & Polenta                                                6pm – 9pm R450

12th June        Street Food Bites                                                 6pm – 9pm R450

18th June        Kobus Van Der Merwe                                       6pm – 9pm R550

22nd June       5 Part Asian Cookery Course: China               10am – 1pm R450

25th June        Around The World: Spain                                 6pm – 9pm R450

29th June        Basic Techniques: Offal & Charcuterie           9.30am – 1pm R450

6th July           5 Part Asian Cookery Course: Singapore       10am – 1pm R450

13th July          Basic Techniques: Eggs                                      9.30am – 1pm R450

20th July         Around The World: Modern Persian            6pm-9h30pm R450

27th July         Basic Techniques: Vegetables & Vegetarian       9.30am – 1pm R450

5 Part Asian Cookery Course:

Saturday: 11th And 25th May, 8th and 22nd June and 6th July. 10am to 1pm R450 per Class

Please phone us on (021) 422 0128 or e-mail to make your booking.