The story of Thali

Thali smoke 1.jpg

Liams’ relationship with Indian food began when he relocated to Australia after working in Europe for so many years. He was exposed to so many new ingredients, exciting flavours and cooking techniques that he had never experienced in European kitchens. We don’t follow or serve any one region or style of Indian food but a selection of dishes that originate from all over India. Our food at Thali isn’t traditional Indian food but it is our interpretation of it – obviously with total respect to the culture, cuisine, ingredients and techniques. We have designed a menu that is served over four courses starting with the milder flavours and working through to the hotter curries to finish with. I like to think together we have created a little bit of India in Cape Town. I love when you walk through the door you get all the different smells coming from the kitchen, the smoke from the tandoori and charcoal ovens and a hint of incense, it really takes me back to Mumbai. Try the tapas for two, which includes eight dishes, with the likes of tantalising tandoori chicken, as well as golden lamb and chicken curries included in the mix.

Claire GUNNThali