Eric Ripert is the chef at famed four-star New York restaurant La Bernadin, and On The Line (Eric Ripert & Christine Muhlke) gives readers an insider’s account on the runnings of this restaurant. From the history of the restaurant, sourcing of fine ingredients, creating new dishes, managing impeccable service and preparing perfect dishes every day to a collection of recipes, this is an insightful and highly interesting read. This book could become a bible for restaurateurs, based on the continued success that La Bernadin has achieved through the methods outlined within it.

A16 Food + Wine (Nate Appleman & Shelley Lindgren) is a San Fransisco restaurant focused around the simple rustic cuisine of Southern Italy and it’s classic wines. The book’s authors are the chef and wine director, and the constant reference to the region and it’s various wine growing areas and peasant-style dishes. It’s a great book to explore a different side to Italian cuisine and inspire some new dishes. There’s good mention on Neopolitan pizza and even making your own pancetta and sausages from pig.

Thomas Keller needs little introduction. His French Laundry restaurant in the Napa Valley is still rated as one of the best restaurants in the world. He’s probably the most influential American chef in terms of technique and use of new methods and ingredients. Bouchon, also in the Napa Valley, is his version of a bistro, based around simple yet superbly prepared cuisine. With thoughtful introductions to recipes and sidebars on ingredients throughout, it’s an informative and beautiful book, and we’re proud to add it to the shelves here at Chefs Warehouse along with three of his other books, The French Laundry, Under Pressure and Ad Hoc At Home.