Olive oil. It’s to most chefs what yeast is to bakers. You can’t have enough good quality olive oil, and luckily for us, South Africa makes tons of it. The quality of our Extra Virgin olive oil is up there with the best you can get from Europe and elsewhere. Yes, the concept of something being ‘extra virgin’ is a bit of misnomer, but Extra Virgin olive oil is a natural unrefined olive oil that has a regulated amount of acidity and must meet flavour standards too. Pop into Chefs Warehouse to browse our selection of quality Extra Virgin olive oils from brands like Morgenster, Hamilton Russell, Willow Creek, Karoo Virgin and de boerin.

And if you’re buying good quality oil, you’ll want to store it correctly, which is in a cool, dark place and in an airtight container. Most have a shelf life of around 18 months during which they’re freshest, but we’d be surprised if you managed to last that long on one bottle!