Alchemists apparently refer to salt as the 5th element. That might be a bit dramatic, but there’s no doubt about the influence salt has on the food we eat. Primarily to accentuate and draw out existing flavours in other ingredients, it can change a dish from ordinary to extraordinary and make something out of what was seemingly nothing.

While it is traditionally an ingredient that dominates wine flavours, chef Craig Cormack has spent almost five years playing with different salt and wine combinations. Through this he’s created dishes he describes as “designed not only to fit a flavour profile but also to pair with a wine.” Such is his interest in exploring this that he’s collected over 60 different salts from around the world and he’ll soon be launching his own range. Craig will be showing guests this when he hosts a class at Chefs Warehouse on 27th June.

Craig Cormack has been in the industry for 24 years, is chef patron at Sofia’s on Morgenster estate in Stellenbosch and also a partner in Overture restaurant, running the creative catering side. He’s previously headed kitchens at Ellerman House, The Cape Grace and other 5-star hotels and has represented South Africa at various chefs events.

His class exploring the pairing of salts from around the world with wines is on Monday 27 June, 6:30pm – 9:30pm; cost is R575 per person.