Schmatz! (Karen Hansgen & Rudiger Schellong) is an innovative book that is part art book, part cook book. Look at it as a cookbook that includes art, or an artbook that includes recipes, either way it’s an enchanting and unusual book that stands out for being completely different. It’s based around the celebrated published and printer Gerhard Steidl who collaborates with artists from around the world to produce art books. During heavy work days, the only respite is the lunch, cooked by chef Rudiger Schellong and served at a long table in the offices.

The book presents artists’ poignant memories of their lunch, menus from the table, recipes, a feel for the overall experience and artworks from the various books that have been produced by Steidl Publishers. Complimented with some beautiful photographs of the guests and dishes, it makes for an entertaining book with a handful of beautifully simple recipes. Dishes like tomato risotto with sauteed asparagus, carrot curry soup with croutons or the steamed fish on julienne radicchio with orange vinaigrette.

Available at Chefs Warehouse for R350.