For a true test that separates the pros from the cooks, watch a chef in action with a beautiful piece of stainless steel. While amateurs hack and chop with knife in hand, professional chefs effortlessly mould their blades to slice and dice ingredients to the nearest millimeter. It’s why an experienced chef can be mesmerizing to watch.

Want a bit of that? Liam Tomlin will help you sharpen your knife skills this Saturday. He’ll make it look effortless and easy. It will be R250 well spent.

When it comes to knives, Liam says the bottom line is technique. Then it’s practice, practice, practice…

In our Knife Skills course he will demonstrate how to bone a duck, fillet a side of salmon or carve a piece of beef. From a chef’s knife to paring knife, mandolin and even food processor, Liam will show off the essential blades no self-respecting cook would ignore. He’ll provide handy tips and answer questions about preferred brands and styles (we sell some of the industry favourites too at chefs warehouse. He’ll advise how to look after your new steel beauties, and – importantly – how to avoid slicing your fingers through proper positioning.

Professionals and amateur cooks welcome.

This Saturday 27th August, 10am – 1pm. Chefs Warehouse. And again on Saturday 29th October, 10am – 1pm. R250pp.