Signal Hill, which used to run from the Mandela Rhodes place a few years back, has reopened in Cape Town city centre in the historical Heritage Square. The enigmatic Jean-Vincent Ridon (and his new partner Kyle Zulch) have taken over a quaint hole-in-the-wall space, just large enough for a few barrels, tables, chairs and a champagne riddling rack. They’re also serving food (prepared by neighbouring Caveau), offering wine and food pairings, something most wine tasting rooms could get a hint from. Pop past to say hi and you’re likely to run into other wine industry pundits there too. You’re also likely to get poured a glass of sparkling wine or whatever else they have open at the time. JV Ridon is a firm believer that Cape Town should possess vineyards and make wine in the city, as it did 350 years ago, and is busy seeking new areas to plant that will add to his current ‘urban vineyards.’ The winery at Heritage Square, 100 Shortmarket Street, is open from 11am – 7pm during the week (and from 12pm – 5pm Saturdays).