Capers. Little salted Mediterranean flower buds, they are tiny but packed with a strong, salty flavour. Commonly used in Italian and Provencal cooking, and often in sauces for fish, like salsa verde, they’re also the ingredient that makes steak tartare a superb dish rather than just raw meat. Stock up on capers from Chefs Warehouse. We have imported capers, both salted and in brine.

Another great ingredient, also small but intense, is kaffir lime leaf.  From a type of lime grown widely in South East Asia, they add a very distinctive taste to dishes. While the lime itself can be used for juicing, it’s the leaves that are now a recognizable flavour worldwide. Add as you would bay leaves to curries, soups or simply crushed as a condiment. Also particularly good with fish dishes. Historically, kaffir lime was used in Singapore when washing hair, for it’s scent, and in Thailand it was believed to ward off evil spirits. Not sure about the spirits, but the leaves taste great in some green Thai curry.